Pete Vale

Pete Vale

Job Title: Technical lead - innovation

Company: Severn Trent Water

Pete is the technical innovation lead in Severn Trent Water’s environmental R&D team.  He has a degree in environmental science from the University of Sheffield and a masters degree in water and wastewater engineering from Cranfield University.

Pete has been instrumental in developing Severn Trent’s nutrient removal and recovery strategy. He led much of the research that resulted in the widespread adoption of biological nutrient removal processes in Severn Trent, including the installation of novel process flowsheets such as side-stream RAS fermentation. Over the last few years he has worked on phosphorus recovery and nitrogen shortcut technologies that have now been implemented at full scale in Severn Trent, a current area of focus is on developing and assessing technologies capable of meeting very low phosphorus standards, and in developing mainstream sewage treatment phosphorus and nitrogen recovery technologies. Pete lectures on the subject of nutrient removal and recovery at a number of UK universities.

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