Lawrence Gosden

Lawrence Gosden

Job Title: Managing director - wholesale wastewater

Company: Thames Water

Lawrence Gosden is the managing director of Thames Water’s wholesale wastewater business, taking over this role in May 2014.

He is responsible for providing exceptional levels of customer service and environmental protection, overseeing the collection and treatment of 4.2 billion litres of wastewater every day across its 350 sewage works and its vast network of sewers. Transforming this valuable resource into clean river water, agricultural fertilizer and electricity, generating nearly 50% of our power needs through renewable energy. Lawrence was appointed to the Executive team in Oct 2011 previously holding positions as Thames Water’s asset director and capital delivery director where he was responsible for the sustainable management of Thames Water’s asset base together with a £5bn capital investment programme over five years.

Lawrence has transformed the way Thames Water delivers its investment programme through the creation of the innovative Eight2O alliance. He joined Thames Water in October 2007 and has previously held senior water sector positions in operations, asset Management and the delivery of major capital programmes since 1994.

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