Regulatory development: promoting innovation and more for the environment

  • Role of the Water Framework Directive
  • Meeting phosphorus removal targets and tighter nutrient levels
  • The benefits of catchment-based approaches
Helen Wakeham
Deputy director, water quality - Environment Agency


Regulation and collaboration – a perspective from Wales

  • New challenges and opportunities from Welsh legislation
  • Collaborative working between Natural Resources Wales and Dŵr Cymru
  • Future challenges
Claire Scannell
Wastewater regulation manager - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water


Chemical Investigations Programme 2: past, present and future

  • What CIP2 has delivered since 2015: technology trials, catchment studies, sludge and headline outcomes
  • How these outcomes will influence the water industry in PR19 and relevant national measures
  • What might a Chemical Investigations Programme 3 look like?
Ruth Barden
Director of environmental strategy - Wessex Water


UU’s innovation journey to Nereda

  • Next generation of wastewater treatment: moving away from conventional processes
  • Delivering high quality effluent standards, low power requirements and sustainable costs
  • Future opportunities


Use of bio additives for biogas production

  • Project with Severn Trent Water
  • Stabilising digestion
  • Results and future opportunities
Raffaella Villa
Senior lecturer in bioprocess technology - Cranfield University


Wessex Water’s platform ‘EnTrade’ for environmental improvements and nutrient reduction

  • Offsetting nitrogen through agriculture: opportunities
  • The future of phosphorus removal
  • Cost and environmental benefits
Laura Mann
Head of strategy development - Wessex Water


Can we make anaerobic sewage treatment viable in the UK?

  • The potential for energy positive sewage treatment
  • Progress at Spernal treatment works
  • A look at the different technologies
Pete Vale
Technical lead - innovation - Severn Trent Water


Driving efficiencies of existing technologies and processes

  • Optimising the treatment works
  • Unlocking the value in waste through innovation


How can different stakeholders work together to increase innovation in wastewater?

  • Bringing innovation to market
  • How can utilities embrace innovation within the AMP cycle?
  • Case studies: where its worked


Sustainability and the circular economy

  • Phosphorus removal
  • Sustainable solutions trials
  • Long-term planning
Eve Germain-Cripps
Wastewater process innovation manager - Thames Water


Panel discussion: what’s next for innovation in wastewater treatment?

  • What technologies should we be investing in?