Opening of the sludge market

  • How PR19 is affecting sludge
  • Will deregulation open the door to more efficient treatment of sludge?
  • What does the future look like?
Alison Fergusson
Principal engineer - Ofwat


What does competition in the UK mean for technological and commercial innovation?

  • Where have we come from?
  • Current trends in the UK and internationally
  • Challenges and the future opportunities
Garry Strange
Sludge and energy strategy manager - Thames Water


Commercialising sludge trading: opportunities

  • Will it encourage innovation?
  • Key changes 
Paul Baxter
Head of bioresources - Severn Trent Water


The role of anaerobic digestion in sustainable sludge management 

  • How much energy can be produced?
  • A look at how the nutrients can be used in farming
  • Greenhouse gas benefits
Ollie More
Head of policy - ADBA


The transformation of sludge from energy consumer to producer

  • How sludge is recovering more value than ever before
  • Innovative methods to generate renewable energy from waste
  • Technology opportunities: what’s next?
Sam Evans
Commercial manager - energy & recycling - Yorkshire Water


Panel discussion: Moving towards energy positive sludge treatment

  • How far have we come already?
  • What are the future opportunities?

Speakers above to be joined by: 

David Rose
Energy and carbon manager - South West Water


Optimising the operations of existing processes and assets

  • Enhancing the efficiency of gas production and dewatering
  • Technology opportunities
  • What’s next?
Ester Rus Perez
Sludge and energy innovation manager - Thames Water


Harvesting energy through anaerobic digestion

  • Opportunities for energy recovery
  • Biogas production and digesters
  • Long-term, sustainable options for recovering value from waste
Richard Blanchard
Lecturer in renewable energy - Loughborough University


Balancing the benefits and impacts of spreading biosolids to farmland

  • The future of biosolids recycling
  • Improvements in sludge recycling and reuse
  • Collaborative opportunities


The production of biofuels from municipal sewage sludge

  • Opportunities for value recovery from sludge
  • Biogas production and digesters
  • Reducing the environmental impact of biofuels by combustion in engines from waste


Panel discussion: what are the future opportunities in recycling and reuse?

  • How can we make sure we keep up with population growth and increased demands?