Please note that although you are able to move freely between the three conferences during the refreshment breaks, we ask that once the session has started you refrain from moving to an alternative conference in order to minimise distraction to speakers and other delegates.


Opening of the sludge market

  • How PR19 is affecting sludge
  • Will deregulation open the door to more efficient treatment of sludge?
  • What does the future look like?
Alison Fergusson
Principal engineer - Ofwat


What does competition in the UK mean for technological and commercial innovation?

  • Where have we come from?
  • Current trends in the UK and internationally
  • Challenges and the future opportunities
Garry Strange
Sludge and energy strategy manager - Thames Water


Commercialising sludge trading: opportunities

  • Will it encourage innovation?
  • Key changes 
Paul Baxter
Head of bioresources - Severn Trent Water


The role of anaerobic digestion in sustainable sludge management 

  • How much energy can be produced?
  • A look at how the nutrients can be used in farming
  • Greenhouse gas benefits
Ollie More
Head of policy - ADBA


Optimising the Sludge Value Chain

  • Reducing waste in bioresources with system-thinking
  • Maximising energy generation with short to long term modelling
  • How this analysis can liberate market opportunities
Sam Evans
Bioresources business readiness manager - Yorkshire Water


Panel discussion: Moving towards energy positive sludge treatment

  • How far have we come already?
  • What are the future opportunities?

Speakers above to be joined by: 

David Rose
Energy and carbon manager - South West Water


Optimising the operations of existing processes and assets

  • Enhancing the efficiency of gas production and dewatering
  • Technology opportunities
  • What’s next?
Ester Rus Perez
Sludge and energy innovation manager - Thames Water


Translating innovation into commercial benefit

  • Multi-energy plants in the new era
  • Challenges for the agile adoption of new technologies
  • To collaborate or compete?


Harvesting energy through anaerobic digestion

  • Opportunities for energy recovery
  • Biogas production and digesters
  • Long-term, sustainable options for recovering value from waste
Richard Blanchard
Lecturer in renewable energy - Loughborough University


Balancing the benefits and impacts of spreading biosolids to farmland

  • The future of biosolids recycling
  • Improvements in sludge recycling and reuse
  • Collaborative opportunities


The production of biofuels from municipal sewage sludge

  • Opportunities for value recovery from sludge
  • Biogas production and digesters
  • Reducing the environmental impact of biofuels by combustion in engines from waste


Panel discussion: what are the future opportunities in recycling and reuse?

  • How can we make sure we keep up with population growth and increased demands?