Approach to the 2019 price review – Ofwat’s views for wastewater

  • Long-term focus, efficiency, risk and innovation
  • Customer engagement and participation
  • Smart and resilient systems and services
David Black
Senior director, Water 2020 - Ofwat


Preparing for PR19: long-term investment plans

  • Engaging with our customers and increasing confidence
  • Building network resilience and preparing for climate change
  • Challenges and opportunities going forward
Lawrence Gosden
Managing director - wholesale wastewater - Thames Water


Balancing customers, compliance and cost ahead of PR19 and AMP7

  • PR19 and beyond: the importance of a long-term strategy
  • What does Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water need to look like by 2050?
  • The role of the customer in the planning process
Steve Wilson
Managing director of wastewater services - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water


Questions and answers



Innovative solutions to wastewater network management

  • Integrating a smarter system: challenges and opportunities
  • New approaches to asset management using real-time information
  • What does the future look like?: Anglian Water’s Shop Window
Steve Kaye
Head of innovation - Anglian Water


Sewer groundwater infiltration: challenges and potential assessment

  • How sewer systems have evolved to improve quality of living, protect the environment and preserve water quality
  • Determining the potential for infiltration into sewers using observed groundwater levels and pipe condition data
  • Locating highly vulnerable locations and informing infiltration reduction planning
Ana Mijic
Senior lecturer in urban water management - Imperial College London


Taking a partnership approach to flooding

  • How Northumbrian Water has achieved better outcomes for customers through taking a partnership approach
  • Increasing resilience of assets and communities
  • Key lessons learned and challenges overcome
Steena Nasapen-Watson
Sustainable sewerage manager - Northumbrian Water


Preventing FOG in the sewer network and protecting the environment

  • Collaborating with customers, retailers and manufacturers
  • The power of engagement
  • Challenges and opportunities
Stephen Williams
Network protection and enforcement officer - Southern Water


Collaborating with customers, retailers and manufacturers to reduce FOG and Fatbergs from the sewer network

  • Power of engagement: challenges and opportunities
  • Managing odour and other resulting issues
  • Cost considerations
Gavin McCready
Area manager-wastewater networks North East - Northern Ireland Water


Anglian Water’s ‘Water Recycling Long-Term Plan’

  • Providing transparency in the business planning processes
  • Supporting our growing customer base
  • Preparing to meet future demands
Victoria Lemmon
Water resources system planner - Anglian Water
Kerry Rhodes
Supply demand planning manager - Anglian Water


Managing stormwater: living with the past and planning for the future

  • Understanding sewer flood risk in a climate change world
  • Working together to play our part to reduce flood risk in Scotland
  • Future opportunities
Gordon Reid
Wastewater service strategy manager - Scottish Water


Full steam ahead: an update from Tideway

  • Construction progress over the last year
  • Planned construction milestones in the next twelve months
  • Key innovations and sustainability aspirations
Phil Stride
Strategic projects director - Tideway