Please note that although you are able to move freely between the three conferences during the refreshment breaks, we ask that once the session has started you refrain from moving to an alternative conference in order to minimise distraction to speakers and other delegates.


Approach to the 2019 price review – Ofwat’s views for wastewater

  • Long-term focus, efficiency, risk and innovation
  • Customer engagement and participation
  • Smart and resilient systems and services
David Black
Senior director, Water 2020 - Ofwat


Preparing for PR19: long-term investment plans

  • Engaging with our customers and increasing confidence
  • Building network resilience and preparing for climate change
  • Challenges and opportunities going forward
Lawrence Gosden
Managing director - wholesale wastewater - Thames Water


Balancing customers, compliance and cost ahead of PR19 and AMP7

  • PR19 and beyond: the importance of a long-term strategy
  • What does Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water need to look like by 2050?
  • The role of the customer in the planning process
Steve Wilson
Managing director of wastewater services - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water


Questions and answers



Innovative solutions to wastewater network management

  • Integrating a smarter system: challenges and opportunities
  • New approaches to asset management using real-time information
  • What does the future look like?: Anglian Water’s Shop Window
Steve Kaye
Head of innovation - Anglian Water


Developments and innovation in wastewater management planning

  • The development of wastewater management planning approaches over the last 20 years
  • The challenge of turning Big Data into the information and knowledge we need to continually improve wastewater network management
  • What will future wastewater management plans look like?
Steve Hogg
Wastewater consultancy director - RPS


Sewer groundwater infiltration: challenges and potential assessment

  • How sewer systems have evolved to improve quality of living, protect the environment and preserve water quality
  • Determining the potential for infiltration into sewers using observed groundwater levels and pipe condition data
  • Locating highly vulnerable locations and informing infiltration reduction planning
Ana Mijic
Senior lecturer in urban water management - Imperial College London


Taking a partnership approach to flooding

  • How Northumbrian Water has achieved better outcomes for customers through taking a partnership approach
  • Increasing resilience of assets and communities
  • Key lessons learned and challenges overcome
Steena Nasapen-Watson
Sustainable sewerage manager - Northumbrian Water


Preventing FOG in the sewer network and protecting the environment

  • Collaborating with customers, retailers and manufacturers
  • The power of engagement
  • Challenges and opportunities
Stephen Williams
Network protection and enforcement officer - Southern Water


Collaborating with customers, retailers and manufacturers to reduce FOG and Fatbergs from the sewer network

  • Power of engagement: challenges and opportunities
  • Managing odour and other resulting issues
  • Cost considerations
Gavin McCready
Area manager-wastewater networks North East - Northern Ireland Water


Anglian Water’s ‘Water Recycling Long-Term Plan’

  • Providing transparency in the business planning processes
  • Supporting our growing customer base
  • Preparing to meet future demands
Victoria Lemmon
Water resources system planner - Anglian Water
Kerry Rhodes
Supply demand planning manager - Anglian Water


Managing stormwater: living with the past and planning for the future

  • Understanding sewer flood risk in a climate change world
  • Working together to play our part to reduce flood risk in Scotland
  • Future opportunities
Gordon Reid
Wastewater service strategy manager - Scottish Water


Full steam ahead: an update from Tideway

  • Construction progress over the last year
  • Planned construction milestones in the next twelve months
  • Key innovations and sustainability aspirations
Phil Stride
Strategic projects director - Tideway