Dr. Isabelle Durance

Job Title: Director

Company: Cardiff Water Research Institute

Following a degree in Natural Sciences and a Masters in Engineering (Ingenieur Agronome, Agrotech Paris), Isabelle worked in Research & Development in an industrial context (Danone Belgium). She then embarked on a PhD in Landscape Ecology working in Ukraine and France, and developed my research increasingly using freshwater ecosystems as a model during a 10 year lectureship in France (Rouen).

With the support of the Daphne Jackson charity, a charity established to help women back into science, Isabelle obtained 3 independent research fellowships after her career break, before being recently awarded a senior lectureship in Cardiff School of Biosciences.

In turn, over the past 5 years in Cardiff, Isabelle has had the chance to contribute to academic and public life through involvement in:

Currently she also lead 2 interdisciplinary initiatives, the Duress project and the Cardiff Water URI.

Speaking at the following:

Panel session: innovation and skills

How is the water sector evolving and which skills are needed? Attracting investment and talent to Wales Creating an environment for innovation to thrive

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