Sebastian Catovsky NEW 130x130

Dr Sebastian Catovsky

Deputy director – water services


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Richard Flint

Chief executive

Yorkshire Water

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Jean 130x130

Jean Spencer

Director, strategic growth and resilience

Anglian Water

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Tony_Ballance 130x130

Dr Tony Ballance

Director, strategy & regulation

Severn Trent Water

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Tony Harrington 130x130

Tony Harrington

Director of environment

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

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Paul Hickey 130x130

Paul Hickey

Deputy director – water resources

Environment Agency

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Dave Elliot 130x130

David Elliott

Director of strategy and new markets

Wessex Water

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Yvette 130x130

Yvette de Garis

Head of environmental regulation

Thames Water

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Colin 130x130

Colin Green

Director - Water 2020 design


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Steve Ormerod 130x130

Steve Ormerod

Professor of ecology

Cardiff University

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Dan Green 130x130

Dan Green

Head of sustainability and innovation

Wessex Water

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David 130x130

David Hickman

Growth & environment commissioner

Lincolnshire County Council

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