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Government ambitions for the water sector

  • Long-term resilience, consumer protection and the role of markets
  • A look at the direction of travel
  • 25-year plans to ensure a sustainable future
Dr Sebastian Catovsky
Deputy director – water services - Defra


Sustainable water: long and short-term priorities

  • Ensuring a secure and sustainable supply for customers in the long-term
  • Possibility vs affordability: the business case for integrated approaches
  • What is on the horizon?


Ofwat’s long-term resilience duty

  • An update ahead of PR19
  • Water Resources Management Plans: guidance for water companies
  • The multiple benefits and outcomes
Colin Green
Director - Water 2020 design - Ofwat


Questions and panel discussion: The Water Framework Directive: opportunity for positive change post-Brexit?

  • What will regulatory change mean for the UK water industry?
  • What progress has been made and what are the priorities going forward?

Speakers above to be joined by:

David Elliott
Director of strategy and new markets - Wessex Water


The UK’s long-term resilience strategy: progress to date

  • Emerging themes and plans going forward
  • Dealing with demand management, population growth and climate change
  • Building financial resilience
Jean Spencer
Director, strategic growth and resilience - Anglian Water


The 21st Century Drainage programme – A UK long-term vision for sustainable drainage

  • Mitigating the impacts of climate change and population growth
  • Reducing flooding and improving our aquatic environment at a price customers can afford
  • The importance of risk sharing and collaboration


Tideway – thinking big, and long-term: developing a sustainable, resilient future

  • Creating an innovative vision
  • Getting the ‘mechanics’ right to enable success
  • Adding value where it counts
Darren White
Head of environmental sustainability - Tideway
Peter Shipley
Senior vice-president - CH2M


The role of incentives in delivering the future for water

  • Responding to Ofwat’s plans: will PR19 facilitate longer term solutions?
  • Are the right incentives in place?
  • Future resilience requirements
Dr Tony Ballance
Director, strategy & regulation - Severn Trent Water


Building long-term resilience and a sustainable future for water

  • Mitigating risk during extreme weather events
  • Ensuring security of supply
  • Water Resource Management Plans: status and what’s next?
Paul Hickey
Deputy director – water resources - Environment Agency


Prioritising investment in networks and infrastructure

  • Building resilience for the long-term
  • Preparing for flooding and drought
  • Engaging customers and communities
David Elliott
Director of strategy and new markets - Wessex Water


Water management: reducing the impacts of flooding and drought

  • Taking a whole catchment approach: benefits and opportunities
  • Using water courses more effectively
  • Considering urban water resilience, risk and supply
David Hickman
Growth & environment commissioner - Lincolnshire County Council


Partnerships to deliver sustainable projects: integrating biodiversity into delivery

  • How we’ve engaged with new partners
  • The opportunities this creates
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders
Patric Bulmer
Head of water resources and environment - Bristol Water


Taking a broader catchment approach

  • Plan for the next 5 years: stimulating a total catchment strategy
  • A look at the multiple benefits and outcomes
  • Long-term priorities
Yvette de Garis
Head of environmental regulation - Thames Water


Overfed rivers? Working with others to change the diet

  • Water Framework Directive: the need to reduce nutrient enrichment in the Wessex region
  • Collaboration with others to tackle the issue, as well as using novel technology solutions
  • The environmental and social benefits gained through partnership approaches
Dan Green
Head of sustainability and innovation - Wessex Water