Creating good business and long term professional partnerships are essential for the water industry. As we move through AMP6 there is a sense that future AMPs will bring about a greater flexibility in operations and capacity for investment.

The way in which these business partnerships are managed, whether in a JV, through direct procurement, or offsite manufacture, concern both project and people management with the integration of data building and analysis. The collaborative process can always be improved, and it is crucial that client and suppliers have the same strategic vision.

Ultimately, however, it is the creation of opportunities for investment which drives innovation and progress towards a better service for customers and the end user. Identifying where these opportunities are, whether now or in the mid-to-long term, is where communication between the supply chain and client requires the upmost in professionalism.

Now in its third year, the WET News Water Industry Supplier Conference in Birmingham is the only event specifically tailored to the supply chain and its demands, and this year will provide fresh engagement with the supply chain and their clients in an honest and productive forum.

This one day CPD-certified conference is an opportunity to discuss topics, such as BIM, Totex, recruitment, collaboration and communication in a way that will bring about real change within the industry.


Maureen Gaines
WET News

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