i2O provides a suite of smart network solutions to help water utilities respond to the challenges created by an increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events, ageing infrastructure and more demanding customers. More than 100 utilities in over 25 countries around the world have installed i2O technology since the company was founded in 2005; extending asset life, reducing operating costs, improving customer service and achieving return on investment within 12 months. i2O is headquartered in the UK and has offices in Malaysia, Spain and Colombia. The company is led by an experienced and knowledgeable team and is backed by major long-term investors.

For more information please visit: www.i2owater.com


GUTERMANN specialise in the design, manufacturing and distribution of water leak detection equipment. Constantly focussing on innovation, and often at the forefront of new product developments, we are always pushing the boundaries of water leak management technology. Thanks to our tireless commitment to product quality, functionality and user-friendliness, GUTERMANN has become a synonym for precision, consistency and reliability in leak detection technology worldwide.

For more information visit: en.gutermann-water.com


Analytical models for better, evidence-based decisions

Our mission is to help global businesses evolve and grow by making better decisions.
We build tools and models of business challenges using the latest technologies from Data Science, Analytical Modelling and Operational Research. We are experts in Mathematical Optimisation and Simulation, and since 2012 decisionLab has partnered Thames Water to develop an EBSD optimisation tool to identify the most economical investment strategy to achieve a balance in the supply and demand for water. For PR14 the model outputs were directly used in the Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP). For PR16, the modelling has been updated to incorporate sophisticated scenario analysis and to explicitly reflect non-monetised multiple-objectives such as resilience, environmental impact and deliverability.

For more information please visit: vision-network.eu


BI-ZEN provides actionable process & business intelligence solutions that offer tangible, fast and cost effective return on investment for our clients within the utilities sectors.

In the water sector, we primarily focus on Smart Solids, which is complimentary in nature to Smart Networks, providing end to end clean and wastewater optimisation in collaboration with our water sector partner Aqua Consultants.

We utilise our knowledge of how assets should be operated to provide clear benchmarks of current performance. We can then provide process insight to support asset optimisation, representing complex technical information in simple to understand financial and performance metrics.

For more information please visit: www.aquaconsultants.com

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