james headshotWith increasing pressure on water companies to meet growing demand, cut costs and improve customer service, the drivers for smart networks have never been more compelling.

In addition, ageing infrastructure, impending competition and the threat of climate change generate further challenges forcing water companies to consider effective, smart solutions that provide long-term business benefits. Adapting to advanced technology and data, engaging customers and employees in new processes and trialling innovative smart solutions have consequently become essential priorities for UK water companies.

Building on the success of the first annual event, the 2nd WWT Smart Water Networks Conference will address the benefits of smart technologies, explore the potential for more effective customer relationships through digital platforms and provide insight into the impact of data.

The conference will give you the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the smart innovation successes of your peers, learn how impending competition will affect investment in smart networks and will showcase technological solutions in both drinking and waste water.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham for what promises to be a fantastic day of expert knowledge exchange.

James Brockett
Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

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