Complacency in business can have devastating repercussions and lead to the demise of any successful organisation. Without horizon scanning, investment and consideration of the future, businesses cannot adapt adequately or quickly to survive.

The water industry in Scotland currently finds itself in a unique period of opportunity for business development however, maintaining success throughout a turbulent political and economic period can be difficult due to the uncertainties that lie ahead.

The 6th annual WWT Water Scotland Conference & Exhibition will provide delegates with the opportunity to gain insight into the future development plans of Scottish Water, reflect on SR19 and hear the latest innovation case studies to benefit business. This is the only event dedicated to the evolving needs of the Scottish water sector, bringing together more than 150 key stakeholders to share insights on a diverse array of water challenges including; innovation, resilience, the customer, asset management and capital delivery.

James Brockett
Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

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