Northern Ireland Water

Northern Ireland Water is a Government Owned Company (GoCo), set up in April 2007 to provide the water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland. It works with an array of organisations and agencies on projects to improve the quality of life for others. These range from the University of Ulster in the Step Up Programme to its nominated charity WaterAid, which saves the lives of thousands of people in Africa and Asia. So the 1300 people who work for Northern Ireland Water are working hard not just to provide world-class water and sewerage services for their customers, but to put something back into their community and into communities world-wide which do not have clean water and basic sanitation.

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The Consumer Council

The Consumer Council was set up by Government in 1985 and is funded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI). Its job is to speak up for consumers and give them a voice. It also ensures that the policy makers in Northern Ireland hear that voice and take it into account when they are making decisions that affect us all. It does this by running information and education campaigns, influencing the public and private sectors, undertaking research and producing publications. It also helps individual consumers with complaints about buses, trains, planes, ferries, natural gas, electricity, coal and water.

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The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was founded in 1818 to ensure professionalism in civil engineering. It represents 86,000 qualified and student civil engineers in the UK and across the globe. ICE is a qualifying body, a centre for the exchange of specialist knowledge, and a provider of resources to encourage innovation and excellence in the profession worldwide.

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The Utility Regulator

The Utility Regulator is the independent non-ministerial government department responsible for regulating Northern Ireland’s electricity, gas, water and sewerage industries, to promote the short and long-term interests of consumers.

It is not a policy-making department of Government, but it makes sure that the energy and water utility industries in Northern Ireland are regulated and developed within ministerial policy as set out in its statutory duties. It is governed by a Board of Directors and is accountable to the Northern Ireland Assembly through financial and annual reporting obligations.

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Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL)

Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) is the networking and forum body for organisations interested in the natural and built environment of Northern Ireland. NIEL was formally launched in 1990 to complete the UK network: Scottish Environment Link, Wales Environment Link and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

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Global Water Intelligence

Global Water Intelligence publishes newsletters and reports providing analysis and strategic data on the international water market. Its flagship publication, the monthly industry journal Global Water Intelligence (GWI), has established itself as the market-leading publication for developers, suppliers, financiers, governments, utilities and municipalities seeking information and analysis on water projects with an element of private sector participation.

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Future Water Association

The Future Water Association aims to shape the future of the water sector through:

  • taking a leadership role with Government, industry, members and the public
  • focusing on innovation and education
  • increasing engagement throughout the membership and across the sector
  • becoming the voice of the sector

Future Water Association is a modern, innovative and dynamic organisation that inspires, supports and leads the water supply chain:

  • informing the sector about opportunities, the regulators about challenges and Government about policy direction;
  • innovating through Water Dragons and delivering the ‘Innovating the Future’ roadmap;
  • influencing and inspiring the supply chain to develop innovative solutions and new ways of thinking to shape the future of the water sector

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The Sensors for Water Interest Group (SWIG) is a not-for-profit information, ideas-exchange, and networking group with a diverse UK-wide membership. SWIG focuses on the use of sensor and associated technologies for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment processes and infrastructure, as well as in natural environments and waters. Its networking activities include a varied programme of technical workshops covering all aspects of water sensing, which offer a cost-effective means of keeping up-to-date with sensor developments, new technologies and regulations, while fostering collaboration between parties. Invited speakers and enthusiastic audiences are able to debate the practical applications and current challenges for measurement and control in water and wastewater.

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Wet News

WET News is the voice of water industry contractors, delivering the specialist information that they require to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and profitably in an ever-changing market place.

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