james-headshotThe WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference is all about pushing boundaries – going ‘beyond compliance’ to take water quality to a new level.

The myriad factors impacting drinking water quality are complex and interlocking, with pesticide control, bio-filtration, and other treatment processes being affected by environmental and regulatory change. What’s more, the demands on the industry for wholesome drinking water are increasing, which means innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions are essential.

Collaboration between companies is not just expected, but assumed, as each strives to ensure that quality and resources are consistently supplied throughout the network to the end user. What’s more, major incident management and risk mitigation are as crucial as regulatory compliance in ensuring consistency of delivery. Yet it is the consumer’s perception of their water, taking into account its taste and odour, which is making companies pursue perfection when refining a wholesome and refreshing product.

Going from source to tap, the second WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference will take you on the journey from catchment to delivery, while navigating the various disruptors that prevent the highest quality drinking water from being delivered.

Showcasing specialist scientific research, unique treatment techniques, management solutions and customer-side risk mitigation case studies, this event is the UK water industry’s only full-scale conference addressing these challenges, and more, for UK drinking water quality.

James Brockett
Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

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