Richard Price

Job Title: Director of engineering & construction

Company: Southern Water

Richard joined Southern Water as a graduate engineer in 1994 and is now the director of engineering & construction, responsible for delivering over £1.5M of construction every day across water and wastewater projects.  A chartered civil engineer with a strong background in operations, asset management, customer excellence and construction, Richard has also been a director and… Read more.

Andrew Dunbar

Job Title: Water strategy manager

Company: Scottish Water

Andrew Dunbar has been Scottish Water’s water strategy manager since 201, and previously undertook the roles of investment planning manager and delivery manager. He has works for Scottish Water since its formation in 2002 in various asset management roles and previously worked with Scottish Power in the generation and telecommunications sectors.  Andrew leads a team responsible… Read more.

Thomas Gardiner

Job Title: Head of Asset Lifecycle Planning

Company: Northern Ireland Water

Thomas has worked in the water industry since graduation from the Queens University of Belfast in 1996 as a Civil Engineer.  He spent 10 years working on direct Civil Engineering projects, being involved in Design, Site supervision and project management on a range of Water and Sewerage projects. Shortly after NI Water was formed in… Read more.

Jason Tucker

Job Title: Director of Alliances & Integrated Supply Chain

Company: Anglian Water

Having entered the Construction Industry straight from School, Jason Tucker worked on many and varied Design and Construct Infrastructure Projects and Programmes for Skanska Construction. He worked his way up through that Organisation to become Sector Director for Water and Renewable Energy before a change in career after 25 year to join Anglian Water as… Read more.

Richard Ratcliff

Job Title: Director of engineering

Company: United Utilities

Richard has worked as a process engineer within the UK, Australian, Middle Eastern and European water industry over the last 24 years.  He has designed and commissioned wastewater, effluent reuse, advanced digestion and odour control facilities.  Richard has held positions within Jacobs, Bechtel and MWH acting as a process engineer, start-up manager, technical manager, knowledge… Read more.

Mark Worsfold

Job Title: Director of Asset Management

Company: South West Water

Mark Worsfold has been at South West Water since May 2015 (having previously been at both Ofwat and Yorkshire Water). Mark’s responsibilities at South West Water are associated with the wholesale business including asset management, strategic planning, tactical plans, resilience, performance reporting and ODI development as well as examining how the business should most effectively… Read more.

David Black

Job Title: Senior director, Water 2020

Company: Ofwat

David is a senior director at Ofwat, the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales. He is leading the Water 2020 programme covering wholesale markets and design of PR 19. He was a member of the 2014 price review delivery board and led the finance and modelling workstreams for this price review. David… Read more.

Andrew Cowell

Job Title: Chair

Company: BIM4Water

Andrew Cowell is a Director at MWH Treatment, a Chartered Civil Engineer with 35 years experience in the water and environmental sector. Andrew is currently working with a number of water companies as they embrace the implementation of BIM in the water sector. Andrew is a Champion of BIM as an approach that can drive… Read more.

Andy Clark

Job Title: Head of procurement & contract management

Company: Yorkshire Water

Andy Clark is the Head of Procurement and Contract Management at Yorkshire Water, one of the top ten water and sewerage companies in the UK. He is responsible for the procurement and contract management of a diverse range of goods and services, totalling an annual spend of circa £350m. He has worked across many disciplines in… Read more.

Michael Miles

Job Title: Managing director

Company: Technocover

Michael Miles is Managing Director of Technocover Limited, a UK based provider of Physical Access Solutions. He has over 30 years’ experience in UK and International building and construction, including 15 years specific expertise in site risk assessment and technical specification for physical asset protection equipment for utilities, transport and other areas of critical national… Read more.

Clive Deadman

Job Title: Chairman investment forum

Company: Energy Industries Council

Clive qualified as a metallurgist and for 5 years worked for the African mining industry and Jaguar & Land Rover cars. He then spent 8 years as a venture capitalist and then 20 years in the water (United Utilities) and power sectors (Electricity North West). He is a non-executive director of Metropolitan, Ombudsman Services and… Read more.

Dan Green

Job Title: Head of sustainability & innovation

Company: Wessex Water

Dan Green is Head of Sustainability and Innovation at Wessex Water Services Ltd. His team oversees Wessex Water’s sustainability strategy, its innovation & research programme, carbon accounting and forecasting, and climate change adaptation. His wide-ranging work at Wessex Water has also included biodiversity, renewable energy, wastewater compliance, contributions to the company’s regulated business plan, stakeholder engagement including… Read more.

Adrian Rees

Job Title: Director, asset management

Company: AECOM

Adrian has spent a quarter century working on environmental, regulatory and asset management planning related issues. At Yorkshire and Thames Water, his role covered expenditure requirements and cost-benefit analyses of regulatory investment drivers, and implementing risk-based asset management and optimisation techniques into the day-to-day business, which became benchmarks for the UK water industry’s Common Framework… Read more.

Keith Hutton

Job Title: Director of strategy & regulation

Company: Bristol Water

Keith is an economist who has a wealth of experience in regulated industries focusing on improving company performance having worked for London Electricity, EDF Energy, UK Power Networks and Bristol Water. His current role within Bristiol Water is Director of Strategy and Regulation. In these organisations he held a wide range of roles from Corporate… Read more.

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