As companies begin to prepare for PR19, it is crucial that lessons are taken from AMP6 to ensure that smart investment decisions are made. As collaboration is growing as an ever-present necessity, it is essential that asset management leaders are able to share best practice.

While totex has the potential to drive operational efficiencies and unlock innovation throughout the supply chain, it requires a shift in mindset and fresh ways of working. Collaboration, procurement, turning data into intelligence and proactive maintenance are key to underpinning the realisation of totex in AMP6 and beyond.

Looking beyond the 5-year regulatory cycle to truly long-term solutions will be crucial. Asset data is developing as an increasingly valuable tool, as real-time modelling is able to more accurately report and forecast opportunities and areas where greater resilience is required.

Building on the success of the last four years, the 5th annual WWT Water Industry Asset Management Conference will address how outcome-based regulation in AMP6, and the incentives and penalties that come with it, impact on water companies’ asset management practices.

On behalf of WWT, we look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham for a lively discussion and james headshotinnovation showcase.

James Brocket
Editor, Water & Wastewater Treatment (WWT)

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